In preparing material for projection, you have a legal responsibility to comply with both Copyright and Licensing laws.


Copyright is the mechanism by which we recognize the owner and creator of a work as well as the Publisher. It should contain the Copyright symbol which can be approximated by "(c)" or produced more accurately in some graphics programs (for instance, in Adobe Photoshop, you create the Copyright symbol by holding down the Alt key and then typing the digits 0169 on the numeric keypad! In Impress, which we will be using rather than Microsoft Powerpoint, simply type "(c)" and it will be changed to the Copyright Symbol.


The Licence to show or reproduce the work is a royalty mechanism by which we are entitled to display and use the material. The Licence requires that the Parish or School MUST have one original copy of the published work. In other words, you cannot go and get a song off the internet or from a photocopy and then project it (with or without a licence statement). Given that the schools are celebrating Masses in our Churches with a Parish Celebrant, it should be sufficient if either the Parish or the School has the original copy.


I do not see that you can ascertain we have an original copy of a work, so we will be relying on the Music Ministry to ensure they do not perform or give you the words of a hymn or song where we do not have at least one original copy of the work.


The following MUST all be displayed for any Copyright/Licensed item:

  • Title
  • Year of Copyright
  • Author's name
  • Publisher's name
  • Licence details (see example)

Note that you are not allowed to reduce the font size to so small that the average person cannot read the copyright/licence information. In the example I prepared, I used 44 for the title and hymn words and 22 for the Copyright and Licence information.


We need to get the Music Ministry to supply some of this information until we have updated our various portfolios and databases of hymns.


If there is no known Copyright and hence no known licence permission, you should add "Copyright unknown" instead of the normal Copyright information. If the song is definitely in the public domain, you should write the song title, author's name (or "anon.") plus "Public Domain" (many of the free, included Easy Worship hymns are Public Domain and thus free of Copyright).


Now, Fr Clem Hill, in his excellent document, has suggested that these Copyright and Licence details might fill the entire first slide with no words of the hymn. However, I believe this is impractical and disconcerting when you are projecting a hymn at Mass. So, I took the example of a hymn with a long title and considerable copyright/licence information and believe it is still okay with the first part of the hymn included. Incidentally, this example is not to suggest a particular colour scheme or font combination- it is intended to be a practical example of Copyright/Licensing at work in Pittwater Parish.


You should also add the Licence information (but not the Copyright)  to the bottom of the last page, as has been the practice in Pittwater Parish. This is because the Licenses typically say it should be at the end of the song, but if we do not display the last verse (eg the choir finishes early) we are in breach of the licence condfitions if it is only there. This is why it is also on the first slide.


Hover over the following screenshot from Impress/Powerpoint to see more detail and drag around or click to close.


All of this is slightly (but not much) more difficult with Easy Worship. The problem is that the Easy Worship Copyright field at the bottom of the page is not big enough. Many US churches have been complaining about this but it seems unlikely to be fixed any time soon.


So, here is a screen shot from Easy Worship. The important legal information is in yellow so you can see it (but you do not need to use this colour scheme in "real life"!)

Easy Worship


What I did was as follows:

1. Put the Song title in line one of verse 1.

2. Made the font size 40 except for the copyright line which is size 6.

3. You will notice a small blue "I" to the right of the song title. Click it and you see the Copyright information.

4. In the "Author" field, put "Publisher Willow Press" or whoever

5. In the Copyright field, put the Used with permission etc. Note you will have to abbreviate Lic(ence) and Int(ernational) or it won't fit.

6. In Live -> Option -> Copyright, 11% height and colour (yellow) were selected.




a. The Licence number for Word of Life International is 1491E (it used to be 1491 but the "E" was added to signify it is a Parish-wide licence.


b. The wording for CCLI (a recent addition for the Parish) is almost the same as for Word of Life International. Here is an example with our Licence number:


Jesus Loves Me
William B. Bradbury and Anna Bartlett Warner

Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves me.
The Bible tells me so.

Jesus loves me this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak, but He is strong.

Jesus loves me, loves me still,
Tho' I'm very weak and ill.
That I might from sin be free,
Bled and died upon the tree.

© 1992 Good Music
Used by Permission. CCL Licence No.