Ministries in Pittwater Parish

In the recent document “Lay Ministry: An invitation from Bishop David Walker”, Bishop Walker says:

In our Diocesan plan Going Forward Together: Pastoral Care for Evangelisation 2006-2010, it is envisaged that “there will be more clearly defined lay leadership roles with well formed and trained people to fill them".

The move to a variety of ministries in the Diocese is an expression of great effort to provide appropriate pastoral care for people to help them take the mystery of Jesus to others. In response to this invitation, as Parish Priest of Pittwater I would like to take forward the challenge of this new opportunity and promote a new sense of vibrancy in Pittwater Parish. I propose to do this through acknowledging existing ministries and establishing new ones to provide you with a wide variety of ways of connecting with the community of Pittwater. Through these ministries you will learn and grow as an individual, meet others who share your values, and reach out to those who need hope. Through these avenues we can minister to one and another and also reach out to the needy and bring the hope of the risen Christ to all people. I have included a list of ministries below. I believe there's something for everyone here, but if you feel there's something missing, please contact us.


Fr George Kolodziej sds


Ministry for the Word

Ministry for Liturgy

  • Altar Servers

  • Eucharistic Ministers for Mass

  • Eucharistic Ministers for Hospital, Nursing Homes, Home Visit

  • Senior Servers ( Acolytes)

  • Sacristans

  • Collection of monetary gifts

  • Liturgy welcomer

  • Children’s Liturgy

  • Procession of gifts

  • Preparation of  Sunday and special occasion liturgies

Ministry for Music

  • Choir

  • Soul Band

  • Other

Ministry for Hospitality

  • special events

  • newcomers meeting

  • café shop after masses

  • washing/sewing church linen

  • Flowers for the altar

Ministry of Finance

  • collection counters

  • grounds maintenance

Ministry for Youth

Ministry for Young Adults

Ministry for Seniors

Ministry for home visits

Ministry for Catechists

Ministry for Loss and Bereavement

Ministry for Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation, First Communion

Ministry for Marriage

Ministry for Prayer

  • Christian Meditation Group

  • Charismatic Prayer Group

  • Soul Session

Ministry for Sacrament of Baptism –preparing parents for baptism of their child/ren

Ministry for Adult Education

Ministry for RCIA

Ministry for Education of Children

Ministry for the poor

  • St Vincent de Paul

Ministry of Outreach

  • Local

  • Outside the Parish

Ministry for Environment and Art

Ministry for Evangelisation

Ministry for Young Families

Ministry for Mothers

Ministry to those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Narcotics Anonymous