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 Who do we believe our God is? Who we are in relationship to God?

Whilst ministry seeks to respond to needs on a practical level, how we do this finds its grounding in our understanding of God and our relationship with God. Whether we believe that God is eternally distant or the innermost core of being will have a tremendous effect on how we minister. Whether or not we believe that we are loveable, and can be loving in return, will determine how we practice ministry.


What is ministry?

Ministry is a public service grounded in the gospel and performed on behalf of the Christian community for the promotion of the reign of God.

Ministry has its foundation in

The love of God,

The love of self,

And the love of neighbor.

It is always other-centered.


When we live love, we live in God, and in the Spirit sent by God, and if the image of God means a life of self- value, mutual relations, and care for the world, then these qualities brought together are the hallmark of authentic ministry.


We are most alive, and minister most effectively, when we acknowledge our equality and solidarity with others, and with creation itself.