Parish Bulletins

Current and older Parish Bulletins can be downloaded here.

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Pdf17th December 2017Third Sunday of advent1874 kB17-12-2017 17:06
Pdf10th December 2017Second Sunday of Advent Yr B1755 kB08-12-2017 16:25
Pdf3rd December 2017First Sunday of Advent Yr B3326 kB01-12-2017 14:29
Pdf26th November 2017Christ The King2329 kB24-11-2017 14:54
Pdf19th November 201733rd Sunday in Ordinary Time1743 kB17-11-2017 13:33
Pdf12th November 201732nd Sunday in Ordinary Time1744 kB10-11-2017 15:33
Pdf5th November 201731st Sunday in Ordinary Time1689 kB03-11-2017 17:10
Pdf29th October 201730th Sunday in Ordinary Time1878 kB27-10-2017 15:54
Pdf22nd October 201729th Sunday in Ordinary Time2212 kB20-10-2017 13:17
Pdf15th October 201728th Sunday in Ordinary Time1930 kB13-10-2017 10:40
Pdf8th October 201727th Sunday in Ordinary Time1629 kB06-10-2017 17:08
Pdf1st October 201726th Sunday in Ordinary Time2044 kB29-09-2017 10:10
Pdf24th September 201725th Sunday in Ordinary Time2451 kB22-09-2017 14:30
Pdf17th September 201724th Sunday in Ordinary Time1727 kB15-09-2017 13:21
Pdf10th September 201723rd Sunday in Ordinary Time1653 kB08-09-2017 14:07
Pdf3rd September 201722nd Sunday in Ordinary Time1579 kB01-09-2017 14:09
Pdf27th August 2017The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary1409 kB25-08-2017 14:29
Pdf27th August 201721st Sunday in Ordinary Time1412 kB25-08-2017 14:01
Pdf20th August 201720th Sunday in Ordinary Time1555 kB18-08-2017 13:07
Pdf13th August 201719th Sunday in Ordinary Time1846 kB11-08-2017 16:24
Pdf6th August 2017The Transfiguration of the Lord1689 kB04-08-2017 13:44
Pdf30th July 201717th Sunday in Ordinary Time1702 kB28-07-2017 10:39
Pdf23rd July 201716th Sunday in Ordinary Time1680 kB28-07-2017 10:38
Pdf16th July 201715th Sunday in Ordinary Time2076 kB14-07-2017 15:19
Pdf9th July 201714th Sunday in Ordinary Time1617 kB07-07-2017 14:33
Pdf2nd July 201713th Sunday in Ordinary Time1652 kB30-06-2017 16:52
Pdf25th June 201712th Sunday in Ordinary Time1667 kB23-06-2017 14:10
Pdf18th June 2017The Most HolyBody and Blood of Christ1704 kB16-06-2017 11:05
Pdf11th June 2017The Most Holy Trinity2150 kB09-06-2017 15:18
Pdf4th June 2017Pentecost Sunday2095 kB02-06-2017 14:22
Pdf28 May 2017Ascension of the Lord1885 kB26-05-2017 16:20
Pdf21 May 2017sixth Sunday of Easter1908 kB19-05-2017 13:09
Pdf14 May 2017Fifth Sunday of Easter2204 kB12-05-2017 16:53
Pdf7th May 2017Fourth Sunday of Easter1945 kB05-05-2017 16:56
Pdf30th April 2017Third Sunday of Easter2081 kB28-04-2017 16:41
Pdf23rd April 2017Second Sunday of Easter1708 kB21-04-2017 17:35
Pdf16th April 2017Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord2169 kB14-04-2017 14:31
Pdf9th April 2017Palm Sunday2332 kB07-04-2017 15:48
Pdf2nd April 2017Fifth Sunday of Lent2384 kB31-03-2017 17:34
Pdf26th March 2017Fourth Sunday of Lent1727 kB24-03-2017 15:28
Pdf19th March 2017Third Sunday of Lent1912 kB17-03-2017 15:16
Pdf12th March 2017Second Sunday of Lent1646 kB10-03-2017 16:38
Pdf5th March 2017First Sunday of Lent1773 kB03-03-2017 16:14
Pdf26th February 20178th Sunday in Ordinary Time1683 kB24-02-2017 16:37
Pdf19th February 20177th Sunday in Ordinary Time1715 kB17-02-2017 17:09
Pdf12th February 20176th Sunday in Ordinary Time1895 kB10-02-2017 18:24
Pdf5th February 20175th Sunday in Ordinary Time1631 kB03-02-2017 16:46
Pdf29th January 20174th Sunday in Ordinary Time1753 kB27-01-2017 13:56
Pdf22nd January 20173rd Sunday in Ordinary Time1444 kB20-01-2017 15:02
Pdf15th January 20172nd Sunday in Ordinary Time1304 kB13-01-2017 14:13
Pdf8th January 2017The Epiphany of the Lord1326 kB06-01-2017 13:32
Pdf1st January 2017Mary, the Holy Mother of God4156 kB30-12-2016 15:02