Weekly Messages

Sleepout Results

Results of Vinnies' CEO sleepout have just been posted on the National News of 30 June  on the website www.vinnies.org.au saying that an amount of almost 6 million dollars.was raised nationally with 1475 CEOs participating. Results for individual cities can be compared by reading the column graph shown on Vinnies ceosleepout. This website also displays photos of the top fundraisers together with their target and actual amount raised, and some words of wisdom about homelessness. More information can be seen on Facebook.

 The night of the sleepout was bitterly cold and wet Canberra giving the CEOs a taste of sleeping rough. A video showing them, building their cardboard tents was made as the background to a welcoming speech by our National Council, Dr John Falzon who thanked all participants and their supporters and also praised those real life suffering homeless people for their heroism.


Naidoc Week 2016
Naidoc Week is the annual celebration of the culture of Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. This year, Naidoc week will be held from the 3rd to the 10th of July and the theme is " Songlines: The living narrative of our nation".In more detail,
Songlines are records in songs, stories and dance describing the dreamtime tracks of the ancestral spirits that created the formation of the land and all the living creatures, They are also maps for showiing trade routes, waterhole sites and locations of food.
Niadoc Week is celebrated in indigenous communities, schools, local councils  workplaces and tourist spots. Events include 
  • A hall of fame featuring outstanding indigenous people
  • Listening to music played by indigenous musicians
  • Running an art competition
  • Visiting an historical aboriginal site
  • Holding a talk by an indigenous elder.
Our National  CEO, Dr John Falzon, has some thoughtful words to say about Naidoc: "May we listen to voices of the Old People and dream of a different of society, one that goes beyond that which is built on colonisation and inequality. 


World Refugee Day 20/6/2016
Last Tuesday was World Refugee Day and Dr John Falzon, our National,CEO, took the opportunity of this global event and the proximity of the Federal Election to tell political leaders and candidates from all sides of politics that we can do better for refugees seeking our protection. He says "World Refugee Day celebrates the positive contributions refugees make to Australia, and also provides an opportunity to reflect on our unjust treatment of asylum seekers and refugees". He goes on to urge our political leaders to abandon the policies of offshore processing and fast-track processing and focus on more humane procedures. He agrees that identity, medical and security checks are necessary but the Society opposes mandatory and indefinite detention. Furthermore, Dr Falzon tells us that the grossly unfair fast -track processing system for certain boat people narrows the definition of an asylum seeker and may remove the right for an independent review.
For more visit www.vinnies.org.au and press the News menu item.


Vinnies Winter Appeal – All Masses This Weekend

Appeal Envelopes in Pews

Dear Parishioners,

  • The Avalon and Mona Vale St Vincent De Paul conferences are again seeking your generosity in supporting this year’s Winter Appeal
  • Our basic commitment is, as always, visiting the poor and disadvantaged in their homes in our parish, and rendering appropriate assistance and care
  • We are also called upon to support special works of the Society including support for the homeless (Matthew Talbot Hostel), refugees and our “Youth Reach” centre at Brookvale
  • Our conferences also assist other conferences in our diocese of Broken Bay who are overrun with families experiencing extreme difficulties including family separation, unemployment, children at risk and domestic violence
  • Our conferences are also “twinned” with conferences in India and Indonesia in districts where poverty and homelessness is extreme and we are committed to a small annual contribution, on your behalf to help ease their burden.
  • Your tax deductible donation in the envelope provided, may be placed in the poor box at any time or left in the piety stall or in the plate next week or after – tax receipts will be issued if requested
  • Thank you for your generosity


      The latest National News message, entitled "Journeying towards reconciliation" comes with a colourful picture of an aborigine standing in a garden of yellow shapes, bordered at the front, by dozens of open black hands He is playing a didgeridoo.
The text of the message reminds us of the historical events leading to improvement of relationships between the First people and the non-indigenous people such as the establishment of native title.,Sorry Day,  the closing of the gap framework.and progress on
Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
The Society’s National Council CEO, Dr John Falzon says “While constitutional recognition will not erase these many forms of injustice, it is a matter of deep sadness and shame for us as a nation, that we have not yet taken this important step in our national journey of recognising the historical truth and honouring the First People
The message also tells us that besides improving services reconciliation is also about showing respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
The St Vincent de Paul Society wishes to acknowledge that we are on Aboriginal land. we pay our respects to  all traditional custodians. This website may contain images of deceased members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. They are used with the greatest respect and appreciation.


The Interns Plan
     The Australian  Government has come up with a new plan for the young joblress to replace the unpopular " work for the dole" plan.  This new scheme, is called "PaTH (Prepare, Trial,  Hire) " hopes to facilitatte120,000 internships per year at a cost of  more than  $750,000 over 4 years.  Internees are paid $200 per fortnight ontop of existing welfare payments for 25 hours work while businesses receive $1,000 tto take tthem on and at the end of the interneeship $6,500 to $10,000 a year wage subsidy.
This plan is a vast improvement on "work for the dole as it caters for employer needs'.
In a recent National News item, Dr John Falzon CEO, expresses his views on the above PaTH plan.He says "The government's PaTH Budget measure begs two salient questions: What message are we giving young people if we tell them they are not even worthy of the minimum wage? And why would an employer hire a person on the award or minimum wage when they can get an intern for free?
For more, visit 
www.Vinnies.org.au :: Our youth need a plan not a rip.off
www.smh.com.hope for /comment : Interns plan offers  hope 
         for young jobless