CEO Sleepout 2016

      Every year, the St Vincent de Paul Society holds a CEO Sleepout to raise awareness of homelessness in Australia and to raise money for Vinnies' homelessness services. This project presents a challenge to leaders of business and the community to experience what its like to sleep rough on a provided sheet of cardboard as well as missing out on a full meal. 

      This year, the Sydney CEO Sleepout will be held at CarriageWorks, Eveleigh on the 23rd of June. Dr John Falzon, our National CEO,recently gave the opening address  focusing on two aspects of homelessness that of elderly women with limited incomes and that of young mothers with children escaping from a violent domestic situation. He said that research by ABS indicates that the image of a bedraggled, old man on a park bench no longer represented homelessness as the 2011 Census found an alarming 59% of Australians seeking help from homeless services were women. Compare this with 26% in the UK and 38% in the USA.

       For more information visit   www.ceosleepout.org.au/events/nsw-sleepou. where you can keep up to date with the  number of CEO.s participating, their portraits,and amount donated. Some of  these CEO's participate in Executive teams rallying together to increase fundraising power and enhance social interaction. Live streaming of the event in Sydney should be an interesting new feature of the project. .