Lest we forget
A soldier dies, a mother sighs,
A widow, weeps, a youngster cries.
These are but some of the fruits of war.
Should we not ask what is it all for?
Young folk rally to the bugles call,
Veterans know the folly of it all
We revere the price that plain folk pay,
But question the part that statesmen
One question remains unanswered still
The Commandment says “Thou shalt
not kill.
These are but some thoughts for
Anzac Day.
Lest we forget
Tom Togher
The above excerpt from the Tom Togher was published in Vinnies’ magazine 
The Record Autumn 2015. It aims to “ resolve the dilemma that Anzac Day 
for those whose basic beliefs are  opposed to war” . It brings to mind the  
bravery, comradeship and suffering of those taking part in military service.
AS Vincentians we can pray for the fallen and their friends and relatives. We 
can also respect  the monuments raised in their honour and be generous to collections
for Legacy.