The Catholic Parish of Pittwater

P7133179View South from Barrenjoey Lighthouse

The Catholic Parish of Pittwater is part of the Diocese of Broken Bay. From October 2008, it has been under the care of the Salvatorian Order.  

Pittwater is a large expanse of water bordered by National Park and suburbs. A tombola separates Pittwater itself from the ocean, which boasts a number of picturesque and popular beaches.

The Parish is situated at the "top" end of Sydney's famed "Northern Beaches". It extends from and includes the suburb of Warriewood in the South and Palm Beach in the North plus those in between. It includes the suburbs of Church Point, Scotland Island, Lovett's Bay, Elvina Bay, Coaster's Retreat and Mackerel Beach to the West.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse at the Northern end of Palm Beach is the iconic symbol for the Diocese of Broken Bay of which Pittwater Parish is a part.Fr George Web Front Page"My prayer is that Pittwater Parish is  a community of HOPE providing spiritual nourishment to ALL"

The Parish Priest is Fr George Kolodziej.

 The Laity plays a major part in Pittwater Parish. Here is a video celebrating the role of the laity. It will give you an idea of what happens in the Parish.

The music is provided by our very own Soul Band and the third section was composed, sung and self-accompanied by Lauren from our Parish.

Click the player to start or pause. There is a full screen icon on the bottom towards the right. You will need a Broadband connection to view the video. However, most people have this.

The Parish has two Churches (Sacred Heart, Mona Vale and Maria Regina, Avalon with associated Primary Schools and one Secondary School (Mater Maria College, Warriewood).
MonavaleSacred Heart ChurchAvalon 2Maria Regina Church